About the Farmer

Welcome to the Farmpartment! I’m Farmer A, a recent college grad with an engineer’s mind but a gardener’s green heart (although my thumbs are stubbornly flesh-colored). I also recently started my first full-time job, and married my wonderful Husby! He’s not quite the crunchy terror that I am, but he’s a good sport about my passions. I’ve been trying to rebuild my health after years of chronic stress and neglect wore it down (I started the stress thing young, unfortunately). I love learning about traditional foods, the Weston A. Price Foundation lifestyle, and the ancestral health movement. I suspect I’ll find my niche somewhere in the middle of those philosophies. I’m a pretty strong proponent of a sustainable and ethical food system, and I believe it’s wise to develop some degree of food independence. I hope to have a nice big backyard garden someday (and maybe even some chickens) but for now, all I’ve got is our little Farmpartment! Read along as I try to cram as much life as possible into our small home – and as much joy as possible into our big life!


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