Internet Travel Guide (3/21/12)

This is a fun little bit of news.  I don’t worry too much about stuff like this, because realistically there are many powerful pieces of legislation floating around that have never been (ab)used to their full potential, and probably never will be. But there’s a little part of me that wants to move out into the wilderness somewhere and become self-sufficient, just in case everything goes to hell one of these days. I don’t have a problem with Obama; I think he’s got good intentions.  But vague and far-reaching language like this opens a door that makes me nervous.

Melissa offers an excellent reminder that generalizations don’t serve us well with respect to diet (or anything else, really… although that itself is a generalization, I guess). Digestion is a complex process that will be different for everybody (or every body). It’s important – and encouraging – to remember that “a sick person can react to ANYTHING. And a very healthy person can tolerate a lot of terrible things.”

Have you tried soap nuts for your laundry? If you’ve got sensitive skin, you totally should. And if you do, and you’d like to know when they’re “done,” here’s a helpful tip! I’ll be trying this… next time I get around to doing laundry.

Erin says, ” When I first started cooking from scratch, it didn’t seem too hard. I gathered my ingredients and followed the recipes. But then one day it hit me: I wasn’t buying processed, pre-packaged meals anymore, but I was using processed, pre-packed ingredients to make my ‘from-scratch’ meals [emphasis hers].”  …Yeeeeaaaah. I can relate to that. I’ll probably keep relying on convenience foods ingredients a lot of the time, but I’m totally going to try some of her easy from-scratch ingredients! First up: creamed soups and spice mixes. (I already make homemade chicken broth; I’ll do a post on that soon)


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