Internet Travel Guide (3/29/12)

Abbreviated and late Travel Guide this week, as I was on a business trip Monday-Wednesday.  On a related note, business trips are the worst.

What would happen if science and pseudoscience had to coexist?  I imagine it would go something like this.

Have you seen The Hunger Games?  You should.  I very much enjoyed it, and I can’t wait to read the books!  Would you like to know what The Hunger Games can teach you about surviving and thriving in tough situations?  I thought so.

I don’t use a lot of stevia, mostly because I haven’t found it at the store in a form that I like.  I’ve got some Stevia in the Raw, but I’d much rather have actual ground-up stevia leaves, or an extract.  Maybe I should grow my own stevia plant!  Would you try?

Speaking of sweetener, are you watching your sugar intake?  Try converting it into units of Cadbury Eggs!  And then go eat some Cadbury Eggs  😉



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