Mad Props, Yo.

So a while back, Meghan from Whole Natural Life selected me for a Liebster Blog Award! The Liebster is intended to draw attention to promising small blogs, with less than 200 followers.  Bloggers that are given a Liebster do a little happy dance, and then pass along the Liebster to five more deserving blogs!  It’s kind of like one of those chain email forwards… except that it’s exciting and fun, rather than annoying and terrible.

I was honored to be recognized so soon into my blogging career, and I really enjoyed checking out the other blogs that Meghan chose!  Good stuff.  Then came the task of picking out my own Liebster selections, which took a lot longer than I thought.  I had to hunt around a little bit to reach five (turns out I don’t read many small blogs).  But I struck gold in my treasure hunt, and I’m ready to share the love!  (Disclaimer:  I’m not poooositive about the exact number of followers on some of these; I usually went with any number that was displayed on their page; so Facebook likes and Google followers, etc.  Regardless, I’m pretty sure none of them are huge, and I like ’em!)

Without further ado, the five blogs that I’m passing the Liebster to:

  1. Off the Grid at -30 I adore the concept of homesteading, so I love reading OG30!  Lots of outdoorsy pictures and cute farm animals (goats, most recently. Adorable goats!), as well as Recipe Thursdays and Frugal Tuesdays, which are generally helpful.
  2. Mummy, I Can Cook:  This is one that I’ve been following for a while.  Every single time I check up on Shu Han, I come away wanting to cook something brand new and pretty and exciting!  Most of the posts are recipes, and all of them come with gorgeous pics.  I’ve also gotten some good tips on legit Asian cooking from MICC in the past, and my absolute favorite rundown of hard-boiling eggs (I like mine best at 15 minutes, too).
  3. Moss Grown Stone:  This mom of 3 lives on a farm in Maine (though I see they just moved to Vermont), so pretty, outdoorsy pictures abound!  Plus, she knits, so MGS fits into both the Real Food and Knitting categories of my Stuff I Like to Read About list!  Content is a nice mix of recipes, farmy sorts of updates, knitting projects, and family news.
  4. Our Nourishing Journey:  Linnae blogs about real food and the GAPS diet, which has helped her son Blake with his ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Tourette’s Syndrome  and anxiety disorder.  Lots of recipes (generally GAPS-legal, obviously), and assorted healthy-living posts.
  5. Whole Intentions:  To paraphrase their mission statement a bit, this blog focuses on intentionally putting effort into whole foods, whole living, and whole faith.  If that isn’t a comprehensively healthy life motto, I don’t know what is!  Paula, Travis and their five kids (wow!) are on a Candida diet, and the many recipes on this blog reflect that.

If you’ve been given a Liebster, then here’s how to pay it forward:

  • Choose 5 up-and-coming blogs with less than 200 followers.
  • Post the award on your blog.
  • Link back to the blogs you are awarding so that everyone else can pay them a visit.
  • Show your appreciation to the blogger who awarded you by linking back to them.



4 thoughts on “Mad Props, Yo.

  1. Oh I love the name of your blog. I lived in a tiny flat up until a few months ago. Now living in a house, albeit rented with a large garden. I wish you the best with your dream home in the future, for now, I guess making the most of what you have is best. Congrats on your award. I am off to have a nosy of your blogspace.

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