Internet Travel Guide (5/18/12)

I think any cohabiting couple can agree that this illustration is pretty darn accurate.  My poor Husby’s situation is probably even worse than it would have been, since he moved in after I’d already established my dominance over the land of Closet Space.

Have you seen The Avengers?  If not, you should, because it was fantastically entertaining.  (And if you haven’t seen the movies leading up to it, you should watch those first.  Except maybe The Hulk’s movie.)  And after you watch The Avengers, you should read this abridged script from The Editing RoomDisclaimer:  Don’t read it at work, or in a library, or at a funeral, or in any other situation where an involuntary giggle-fit would be frowned upon!

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is a truly hilarious lady, but the more I read Yarn Harlot, the more I am thankful that I don’t know her personally.  This is not for my sake, but for hers… Because if I knew her, I would probably demand knitted goods just constantly, and it would become awkward, and she’d be forced to avoid me in order to stave off carpal tunnel symptoms, and it would just end badly for all involved.  But really, I couldn’t be blamed, and this is why the dear Lord in all his wisdom has in fact gone so far as to place us at opposite ends of the continent.  Look at what this woman can conjure out of yarn, without a pattern or anything.  Just look.  Maybe one day I’ll reach that level of knitterdom, where I can take some yarn and a block of cabling and create an adorable little mini-cardigan out of it, and just “know” how to make it fit a baby just so…  But I doubt it.

Speaking of adorable…

Confession time:  I don’t use reusable grocery bags.  I have this crinkly mass of plastic grocery bags growing ever-larger in my pantry, waiting for the hypothetical day when I’ll take all of them to be recycled… Which is better than just throwing them away, I guess, but still feels a little hypocritical for someone who claims to be “green.”  Probably the biggest reason that I don’t use reusable bags, is that the ones they sell at grocery stores are just sooooo ugly.  Shallow?  Yes.  True?  Absolutely.  I’d be much more likely to use homemade grocery bags… but which ones?  So many great choices on this list!  I’ll probably try one that uses old t-shirts, since I’ve got a big bag full of old shirts waiting to be donated (…or repurposed)!

In other news, I have found my newest desktop wallpaper.  Incredibly beautiful!


3 thoughts on “Internet Travel Guide (5/18/12)

  1. I am surprised that you don’t use reusable grocery bags! I love my reusable bags. I get what you mean about the grocery store ones being ugly, though. We have a few of those, but I prefer my other bags. My favorites are two that were handmade by my mother-in-law, one that my husband got ages ago for being in a youth symphony, another that we got for donating to Colorado Public Radio, and then one that we got when we were in Scotland, which says “wee green poke” on it. 🙂 My recommendation would be to go with a sturdy fabric – I like canvas much better than the material they use for the grocery store bags. Anyway, that’s probably way more than you ever wanted to know about my reusable bags.

    • Yeah, sturdy bags would be a big plus for carrying heavy / pointy stuff… I should probably just scour yard sales for random canvas totes, but that’s not nearly as fun as making my own 😉

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