Internet Travel Guide: 2/7/2014

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”  – Mother Teresa

I like this thing comparing The Big Bang Theory to Community through a SFF lens. An interesting point in the linked article is that the structure of TBBT is almost the opposite of what is generally found in genre fiction – it does bare-miminum worldbuilding, nothing ever changes, and the characters develop extremely slowly. It can’t be enjoyed in a “nerdy way” – it has none of the hallmarks of shows with obsessive fandoms, like extreme attention to detail, lots of self-referential and/or meta humor, endless callbacks, plots/jokes requiring the viewer to figure things out for themselves, open-ended questions… etc. (Like Community, for example. Or Doctor Who, Arrested Development, Eureka, Lost, Archer…). Despite being a show about nerds, with lots of references to SFF and nerd culture, TBBT is actually a true sitcom, like Seinfeld: a show about nothing. It’s a show to watch with half your brain while the other half plays Plants Versus Zombies on your phone. There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s obviously extremely popular, but I find it interesting because  I bet Leonard, Sheldon, et al would be super bored by a show like TBBT.  On the other hand, they’d probably like Community – which, despite looking much more like a standard sitcom, has really become more like SFF. As the author says, Community “looks like a sitcom, but it’s bigger on the inside.” …Anyways go read that article, it’s great.

Speaking of expending too much brainpower on stupid pop culture things, here is a linguist talking about the grammatical rules of Doge, which is much, much more fun than it sounds.

Very linguist. So grammar. Much geek. Wow.

In honor of The Walking Dead mid-season premiere, I leave you with this awesome video of a kid pranking Norman Reedus:


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