Feelin’ Knitty

Took a sick day today, and a lazy glorious day it was! Makes me wish I got sick more often. Spent most of the day watching Agents of Cracked (love me some DOB) and knitting an impromptu scarf. I hadn’t knit in forever, and I stopped in the middle of a couple complicated projects that have been too intimidating to just pick back up. So I wanted an easy project, just something to remind my fingers how knitting and purling work! I cannibalized the yarn from an arm-knit cowl that I didn’t end up liking, and found this stitch on Pinterest. Just did that same stitch for all the yarn I had, turned out like this:


I like the way the stitch looks with the super-chunky yarn (though it’s subtle, so hard to see in the pic), and I think it’ll be nice & warm. It turned out a really awkward length though – too short for a regular scarf but a bit too long for an infinity scarf or a cowl. Maybe I’ll rip some out and sew the ends together. (Realistically, it’ll probably just sit around forever with the tails hanging out, being weird-lengthed) I’m a “process knitter,” not a “product knitter,” so I enjoyed myself. All in all, satisfying way to spend a day.

Think I’ll watch some of the Black Sails that’s piling up in my DVR. This one’s keeping me company; she likes pirates.

The Dread Pirate Kirby


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