Spandex & Sparkles at Sochi

So I’m gonna get real girly for the span of this post, k? Because I freakin’ love figure skating / ice dancing at the Olympics, so I give myself free rein to squee at spandex & sparkles every four years. SO here are my highlights (and lowlights) of costumes from the pairs competition that I just finished watching.


PINK PANTHER!!! (Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy, Germany, short program) ‘Nuff said. Super entertaining performance, too. They’re both really athletic.


DIAGONAL STRIPES!!! (Vera Bazarova & Yuri Larionov, Russia, short program) For some reason I can’t find a good picture of this dress, but I legit love it. Drop that skirt to a reasonable length and I’d wear this everywhere. Diagonal stripes are super flattering… you know, for those of use who don’t exactly look like Vera Bazarova. And the dude looks CLEAN in all-black (can you tell from his disembodied head?).


(Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalapov, Russia, team competition) They wore this while skating to the black swan theme from Swan Lake. Do they not look awesome?? Only thing I would’ve changed: I wish she’d pulled the nude tights over the white skates like they do sometimes, so there wasn’t such an abrupt contrast.


(Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov, Russia, free skate) This was only a surprise to me because when they first came out in this mustard-colored business, I haaaated it. But the look really grew on me and somehow became one of my favorites! I’m sure it helps that they skate so beautifully, and the costumes looked a lot better with movement. Small detail that might have pushed it over the edge for me, was the choice of white skates for her and black skates for him, which really works to balance the pair of outfits. And seriously, look at Maxim down there, he looks like an oddly graceful Russian pirate, what with the raggedy shirt and the bling and the hair. It’s kinda hot. And hey, the color worked its magic for them, because they left with the gold!


(Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford, Canada, pairs short program) I don’t really know why I love this pink getup so much… It just seems so classic, with the white skates and the cute wavy bob and Meagan’s fantastic smile. Super endearing. Looks like the figure skaters I watched as a kid. Not so sure about Eric’s look but I bet it’s really comfortable?


Now this look on Eric, on the other hand, is FLAWLESS. Look at that waistcoat! And the ruffles! And the plaid pants! It’s fun and fancy without being flamboyant. Reminds me of Tennant’s Doctor a bit 🙂  This was from their free skate, and I love the whole look. Meagan’s dress was also pretty, especially the detailing on the front. That deep burgandy looks great against the ice.



WHAT ARE THESE MICKEY MOUSE PANTS?!? (Stefania Berton and Ondrej Hotarek, Italy, pairs short program)

Did I miss anybody? Who was your best-dressed pair?


One thought on “Spandex & Sparkles at Sochi

  1. That was fun to see all the outfits. I haven’t been good about watching this year, just caught a few things. I like your picks, and agree that the Italian guy”s pants are off — they don’t even go with the girl’s outfit.

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