Good Grief

Wore a new striped sweater to work today, and this conversation occurred as I left.

John: You look cute today; I like that sweater.
Me:      Thanks!
John:  You look like a Peanuts character. Like Marcie.*
Me:      What?
John:  Marcie. She was the best girl Peanut. Lucy was a jerk.
Me:      Well that’s true. What with the football.
John:  Every dang time.

Wasn’t sure how to feel about that comparison until I took a selfie** of myself in that outfit. Side-by-side with an image of Marcie, the resemblance is truly uncanny.

Clipart marcieSchulzie***


* I showed him a picture of the Peanuts cast and asked if he was maybe thinking of Peppermint Patty? He wasn’t. He thinks I look most like the black-haired bespectacled girl.

** I propose that Schulz-style self-portraits be known from this day forward as: “Schulzies.”

*** The pic of Marcie is from the Peanuts Wiki, which is apparently a thing that exists.


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