Distinguished Motorcycle Gentleman

Ever have those days where you’re just not running on all cylinders? I don’t know what it was today but I just never fully woke for some reason. Spent all day on a super simple project at work because I kept doing stupid stuff and having to backtrack. Frustrating for me and also, I’m sure, for my boss who ambushed me with the project before I even sat down this morning and probably thought it would be done in a few hours. Long, long day.

All this to say, I’d planned on big ol’ narrative post about some Intense Kitchen Shenanigans that I got up to this weekend but it is just not gonna happen. Time to veg out and watch The Voice and work on my cross-stitch and maybe my brain will reboot.


In other news, on the way home I saw a man with a long beard riding a motorcycle wearing all-black and A TOP HAT. It somehow makes me feel better about life that this dude is ridin’ around, doing his thing. Ride on, Distinguished Motorcycle Gentleman. Ride on.

Ride into the sunset, your top hat silhouetted as you pass into unseen lands; gone, but not forgotten. Never forgotten.

Related note: what does a motorcycle look like? I obviously have no idea.


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