Houses and Wizards

We looked at two houses after work today with a Realtor, like Adults. The first one was pretty nice. The second one was like if someone cut a pretty crappy apartment out of the third floor of an apartment building and stuck it on the ground and gave it a really small backyard. Then we went to dinner at a restaurant like Adults in a Relationship which was wonderful.

Then we got home pretty late and then I showered and putzed around and so there will not be a real post tonight.

But here’s a little wizard on an adventure that I drew yesterday:

Lil' Wizard Girl


You know how I was saying the other day that sometimes I doodle things on a whim that I end up loving and wanting to tell their stories? This is one of those, except it’s on actual Art Paper, which is a bonus. I think this is a little wizard who just made it through Wizard School or whatever, and was like “Okay I’m a wizard now! So what do I do?” And then she found out her job as a wizard was to wander around doing magic to things, and maybe she’ll stumble across an Epic Quest for the Fate of the Realm that she can help with. So now she’s doing that.

(This is what I’ve always wondered about Gandalf. He’s basically immortal, right? I’m pretty sure he was around in the time of Isildur. And Sauron was taking a little nap for like thousands of years between his defeat by Isildur and his return in glowy-eye form. So… what was Gandalf doing that whole time? Apart from Bilbo’s journey, of course. Gandalf doesn’t seem to have a home, or a job, or anything like that. Was he literally like, crashing on his friends couches, practicing fireworks, smoking a ton of “pipe-weed” and blowing really good smoke rings? What a life, man. No wonder all the hobbit kids think he’s awesome.)

Edit: I gotta do something with this wizard kid, she is burning a hole in my brain. Possibly a good choice for an ongoing webcomic? I’ve been planning a sci-fi comic for a while but it’s a complete story with an end, so I think I’ve decided it should really be a graphic novel/word-novel because I don’t want to plan something all out beforehand and then release it serially for my first foray into Big-Girl Storytelling. But I could do The Ongoing Adventures of Adorable Little Wizard Girl* and plan out open-ended arcs very generally but make up the details & introduce characters as I go, like they do with TV series.

Stay tuned for a lot of character design, worldbuilding, and plot outlines that may or may not eventually turn into something.

*Working title.