Some New Faces

So my lineup of living things is much the same as it was last time… With the addition of some fancy new foodstuffs: dill and garlic!

One of these things is not like the others...

Basil, dill, garlic and syngonium

Like my basil plant, the dill was salvaged from one of those supermarket packages of “living” herbs with the roots & dirt still on.  It didn’t look so hot at first, but luckily I kept babying it and now it’s looking much more robust.  The resiliency of plants never ceases to amaze me!  I always worry when I over or under-water, or make some other mistake, like they’re fragile and delicate.

It mostly survived because I was too lazy to pull it out of the pot

Didn’t have a ton of hope for the dill at this stage…

But for the most part, they’re really, really not.  The dill looks fantastic now!  I’m afraid to harvest any, but maybe I should, if only to encourage branching.  It’s getting pretty tall.  I’ve been chopping off basil pretty aggressively (and putting it in everything, yum!) which is starting to make it pleasantly bushy.  But I’ll just leave the dill alone for now, I think.  It’s been through a lot.

Hard to tell with the trees in the background, unfortunately

Tall & proud, now! And even (mostly) green!

Like my basil, dill, and succulent, the garlic is also a “rescue…”  Can you tell that I don’t like paying for plants?  I forgot about a head of garlic in the fridge for a while, and was startled one day to find this at the back of my produce drawer:

"Plant me!"

This is the Farmpartment version of a “volunteer plant,” I suppose.

I planted eight cloves and let me tell you, they just boosted out of that soil.  They looked like this after I think only 2 days (no more than 3):

So fast.

What is this devilry???

Hit a little speed bump within the past week, unfortunately, and started yellowing and attracting a bunch of gnats.  I suspect a combo of too much water / too little sun, so I set up a nice makeshift grow light (aka desk lamp) and have been crossing my fingers for the soil to dry out a bit.  I probably should also thin them out, but I’m loathe to pull up any of my little volunteers  😦

I'm pulling for these little fellas!

We’ll just see how it goes.

Oh, and my bridal bouquet succulent has put out some new growth!  I’m honestly not quite sure how that works with succulents… will it just get spikier and spikier?  Will the old growth shrivel away?  I could absolutely google it, but I’m having quite a lot of fun just watching it do its thing.

My little baby is growing up! (I think.  Or I'm a plant grandma?)

Oh, the wonderful mystery of life…

Oh, and those papaya seeds from Hawaii?  Yeah, those didn’t work out.  I suppose I shouldn’t have expected much out of $2 souvenier seeds from a Wal-Mart next to the airport… But that would have been so cool!  Guess I’ll just have to “rescue” some sort of fruit seed next.

Do you have a garden, or a “garden” (like mine)?  How’s the harvest?

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Sad, Barren Farmpartment

The name of this blog is currently based more on an idealized goal of mine than actual fact.  We moved into this space pretty recently, so I haven’t had the time to establish many plants.  But I’ll show you the ones I have!

This is my faithful syngonium, which survived moving every semester for three years, and a lot of neglect during final exams. The veins in its leaves are pink! It would start getting viney if I didn’t prune it; I like it better this way.”

I salvaged this succulent from my bridal portrait bouquet (which was beautiful and awesome). I’m still not quite sure if it’s rooting, or if it’s just shriveling up veeeeerrrrry sloooowwwlyyyy… But I think I'm almost ready to call it a win.

Hopefully there will be papaya sprouts in this egg carton pretty soon… I brought back the seeds from our honeymoon in Hawaii! I'm becoming concerned about them; no signs of life yet. Cross your fingers.

I bought some fresh basil for a recipe and discovered that it included the roots & dirt, to be fresher. I didn’t use it up so I threw it in a pot and crossed my fingers. It’s got some black spots on the bottom leaves, because it was in the refrigerator for a day or two. But it's starting to look pretty healthy! (It's actually a lot bigger today than in the picture.)

…That’s it.
Yeah, I’m just living in a regular ol’ apartment right now.  But a girl can dream, right?  I’m planning to get at least some more herbs growing pretty quickly.  You know, for when we get tired of eating the hundreds of delicious papayas that will surely be harvested from those souvenier-seed plants 😉